This article is a STUB please make edits and adjustments as suggested on Wikipedia to make it more robust.  Thanks! The art of Norman White incorporates many hybrid features. His background in science and electronics, his intense curiosity and deep interest in innovation and logic-based machines are all reflected in his work. Menage […]

“First Tighten Up on the Drums” Norman White

Artist Norman White was fascinated by how computer almost run themselves.  So he wanted to created a piece that involved integrated circuits that seemed to act like they had lives of their own.  "Using several hundred early-vintage digital integrated circuits donated by the Sprague Electric Company, Norman set about creating a machine which would autonomously […]


Have you ever played the game hearsay with some friends on the schoolyard? You start a story, or maybe a sentence, and whisper it in the ear of the person who stands next to you.

Them Fuckin’ Robots

“Fellow artist Laura Kikauka and I each built an electro-mechanical sex machine (hers, female; mine, male) without consulting each other on the particulars, apart