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Image of Decoy         

by Jane Prophet is a piece that deals largely with time, nature and construction.
The piece consists of several digital images of man altered landscapes displayed on plasma screens, primarily images from the surrounding grounds of various English country homes, that have been given an overlaying of graphically designed natural bodies. Examples of such overlays are computer generated trees that animate and grow from the ground, or a stream that has been filled in with computer generated grass. Prophet’s piece focuses on the factor of time when applied to a landscape and how it changes. The ways in which she positions the growth of her “decoy” trees can allude to both the past when the grounds were covered in a more natural, irregular landscape and also the future, in which the trees may grow in plotted lanes or walkways due to man-made intervention. These implications point to an overall theme of the relationship between man and nature and our striving to control it. There is also a recurring theme of natural vs artificial, not only in the sense of naturally placed elements in the photo with artificially added objects; there is also a natural vs artificial theme with regards to the ways the objects are placed, such as the randomly placed objects found in nature and the organized, path marking objects of man.

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