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Die Photokopie der Photokopie der Photokopie

Timm Ulrichs - Die Photokopie der Photokopie der Photokopie, 1967/75Timm Ulrichs’ Die Photokopie der Photokopie der Photokopie (1967) pushed the limits of these new machines while questioning conventional notions of the original versus the copy. Ulrichs photocopied an encyclopedia entry about photocopying, then copied the copy through ninety-nine successive generations, revealing the intrinsic qualities of the process. Was the original image degraded? Or was the whole process an original work of art, a parallel conversation or metadiscourse on electronic reproduction that embodied both a description and a demonstration of it? In any case, such work could not have been conceived or produced without electronic media, which were both the inspiration and means for the creation of innovative forms of expression.

– Edward Shanken, Art and Electronic Media, 2009, p 25.

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