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He Weeps for You

He weeps for you [1]

“One of the first video installations by Bill Viola, closely related to his videotape productions of the 1970s. A drop of water emerging from a small brass valve is magnified by a video camera and projected on a large screen. The close-up image reveals that the viewer and part of the room where they stand are visible inside each forming drop. The drop swells and shudders as it reaches surface tension, finally falling and creating a loud resonant sound as it lands on an amplified drum below. A new drop immediately begins forming and the cycle continues in infinite repetition.” [2]

“He Weeps for You” (1976)…installation at the hamburger banhof in berlin 2007

[1] http://stephan.barron.free.fr/art_video/images/viola_he_weeps.jpg

[2] http://www.mediaartnet.org/works/he-weeps-for-you/

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