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Example of IOGraph[1]

IOGraph, formally known as MousePath, is a multi-platform application developed by the Russian developer Anatoly Zenkov and his colleague Andrey Shipilov. IOGraph is downloaded onto a user’s computer and set to capture mouse movements across their screen. It maps out the space using lines to represent mouse movements and circles to represent idle mouse positioning. In order to get the most interesting picture, the user is to run the application and continue to use the computer as they normally would for a few hours. The result is a variable web of lines and circles that displays all the movement the user’s mouse has undergone in the recent amount of time. While Zenkov and Shipilov created this application under the notion of fun, it does also illustrate an interesting message. IOGraph displays all the mouse activity on a computer over a period of time, which can put things into perspective regarding just how much we do on a system; that a simple couple of hours can weave such a complex pattern that won’t ever be identical to any other user’s pattern. It creates a visual record for the individual, telling them “this is what you’ve done for the past few hours”. It can cause the user to be both fascinated at the piece they created and perhaps more conscious of their relationship with a computer.

[1]: Image Source

http://iographica.com/ Download IOGraph here

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