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“Man With A Movie Camera:the Global Remake” by Perry Bard

Man with a movie camera: the global remake“Man With a Movie Camera: The Global Remake is a participatory video shot by people around the world who are invited to record images interpreting the original script of Vertov’s Man With A Movie Camera and upload them to this site. Software developed specifically for this project archives, sequences and streams the submissions as a film. Anyone can upload footage. When the work streams your contribution becomes part of a worldwide montage, in Vertov’s terms the “decoding of life as it is”.” 1.

“Everyday a new version of the movie is built. On the left is Vertov’s original. On the right is a shot uploaded from a participant. The uploaded shots are rotated each day if there is more than one. So the built movie may never be quite the same. Black shots are still waiting for an upload.” 1.

Like Beatles Electroniques this project experiments with hybrid media, combining film and Internet (instead of film and video). By remaking Man with a movie camera in a participatory way, many spontaneous and creative copies emerge, suggesting the same properties in humanity. This parallels the spontaneous use of technologies of rapid reproduction in Bruni Munari’s Xenografie Originali  In another sense this global remake matches Matt Mullican’s Computer Project, through the fascination with notions of perception, collection, organization and representation as well as the love for everyday experience and human interaction with the outside world. But above all Man with a movie camera: the global remake most strikingly resembles Glyphiti by Andy Deck in being a collaborative web-based artwork, which is made up of many fragments that change over time.

The basic principle of this artwork has its roots in Bertolt Brecht’s 1932 manifesto “The Radio as an Apparatus of Communication,” advocating a two way communication in radio (AEM 228). The Vertov remake embraces the idea that one must be able to recieve as well as to transmit through the media, even if this medium is film. Besides empowering the periphery and the margins by collaboration, the global scale of this project incites a greater consciousness of the world (population) as Roy Ascott proposed (AEM 231). 

More background information on Vertov’s original version can be found on http://dziga.perrybard.net. You will also find the instructions on uploading your own scene into the movie.


1. Source: http://dziga.perrybard.net/

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