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The art of Norman White incorporates many hybrid features. His background in science and electronics, his intense curiosity and deep interest in innovation and logic-based machines are all reflected in his work. Menage represents a Canadian benchmark in kinetic electronics and it is White’s first robot. According to White “Menage was inspired by the work of W. Grey Walter, a neuroscientist who studied the effects of brain damage to soldiers returning from battle during WWII… trying to find links between the parts of the brain that were damaged and the effect it had on behavior. He was one of the first researchers to employ EEG-like technologies. I first came upon Walter’s work in a 50’s issue of Scientific American, where he demonstrated surprisingly complex emergent behavior among simple robots (he called “tortoises even managed to simulate conditioned reflexes. Walter’s robots exhibited a complex attraction/repulsion behaviour.” In Menage, White adopted similarly complex configurations. The four robots are moving back and forth on ceiling tracks and are programmed to recognize and respond to light sources on other robots including a fifth robot placed on the floor – with unpredictable dynamic results.


Source : http://www.ninaczegledy.net/?id=13

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