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Metro Moss

moss graffitti

Hungarian artist Edina Tokodi has been installing her eco-art along the streets of New York for years. She studied graphic design and printmaking at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, and has created numerous indoor pieces for museum display along with public art. Her overarching artistic goal is to “explore the diversity and intricate connections between nature and the inorganic world created by man.” Drawing inspiration from the Zen gardens of Japan, Tokodi’s sidewalk installations brighten up dreary urban palates with shocks of textured green mosses, inviting viewers to interact with them and in such a way get “back to nature.”

Metro Moss does not have a specific artist’s statement associated with it, but Tokodi’s work as a whole tends to revolve around similar themes. The metro map is mostly obscured by a layer of moss, perhaps suggesting that it is not the destination that truly matters, but how one appreciates the journey there. It may be an invitation to explore the beauty of the world around us, particularly places we might not have been considering visiting. The heart surrounds Brooklyn, perhaps as an indication of love of one’s home, the small comfort zone within an unknown and boundless bush.



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