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snows.1.gif"Carolee Schneemann, one of the pioneers of performance art and experimental cinema, created an interactive electronic environment for her multimedia performance, Snows, which premiered in New York in 1967, amidst growing violence during the war in Viet Nam. Engineered by E.A.T., the seats of the Martinique Theater were wired so that the audience’s response triggered various light and sound effects."

"A complex and multi-faceted installation/stage incorporatd colored light panels, film collage, hanging sacks of colored water, 'snow'-covered branches, rope, foil and foam…. Created in protest of the US involvement in Vietnam, performers enacted a range of roles including victim, torturer, lover and innocent.  Projected on the installation and performers was Schneemann's experimental film Viet Flakes, which showed images of war atrocities, ironically juxtaposed with a sound track of classical, religious and popular Vietnamese and Western popular music."[1]

"… [Snows] was built out of my anger, outrage, fury and sorrow for the Vietnamese. The performance contained five films whose related content triggered juxtaposition of a winter environment and Vietnam atrocity images." – Carolee Schneemann

Alphonse Schilling filmed the performance, which was released as a video by Electronic Arts Intermix. Unfortunately, the silent video provides little sense of interactivity, the sonic elements of the event, or the role of Viet Flakes in it.

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cCUmrSHDJw  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC85L0gNZFY

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For more information, see the artist's website:  http://www.caroleeschneemann.com/snows.html

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