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Spinning Shaft


[img src:http://www.sinalightworks.com/catalog-kinetic/pictures/picture-6.jpg]

“Alejandro and Moira SiƱa are Light Artists based in Boston. Their use of single electrode Neon and almost invisible wiring enables them to create large ethereal lightworks.”[1]

“Spinning Shaft rotates to create the perception of a cylinder or a virtual image of light. As it turns at a constant speed, a neon without electrodes pulses on and off with varied timing. The rhythm and speed are determined by analogue electronics and programmed patterns that take approximately two minutes to
cycle. […]The work offers the spectator many views; one can see a hollow light cylinder by its side as well as a view of the inside of this generated light tunnel.” [2]

[1] http://www.sinalightworks.com/

[2] Edward A. Shanken, Art and Electronic Media, p. 69

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