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Surge Cycle


Surge Cycle


Andy Deck creates web based interactive projects that often have an open source component. His websites, andyland.net and artcontext.net house his projects. 


Surge Cycle incorporates user interactivity with a pre-determined animated clip which shows various figures moving and text appearing and disappearing constantly. The text often contains a political critique or statement about the United States government (particularly foreign affairs). When the user clicks (anywhere on the screen) an automated voice says something similar to the text on the screen (almost always political). The project seems to be trying to instigate awareness of US government practices that are somehow filtered by the media. The opening page has a statement: “BEHOLD THE FRAGILE AND REVERSIBLE PROGRESS.” This seems to in one way or another express that information can be fragile and sometimes incorrect or changeable. The following three pages illustrate a large amount of animated characters (all those appearing in the animation) jumbled together and on top of each other. This helps to emphasize the incredible amount of stimuli the internet and media produce; and how people cannot possibly retain it all. 



image from: http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1736

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