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The Berth of V.ness

The Berth of V.Ness

The Birth of V.ness is an interactive web piece created by Talan Memmott that explores the visual, historical  and contextual relatonships found within The Birth of Venus(Botticelli) and the history and prehistory surrounding the work[1]. The Birth of Venus, along with Primavera and Pallas and Centaur were all commissioned to Botticelli by Lorenzo di Medici of Florence, and the Memmott incorporates them into the piece intermittently. Different aspects of the artworks are explored in its obscure network of menus and animations; the imagery within the paintings, the overall subject matter, symbolism, puns, and themes of destiny and dynasty present within the Medici family and Florentine lifestyle and ideals of the time. The abstract, confusing nature of the work is meant to deconstruct the piece, while contexualizing it in a wildly different form in which viewers explore, investigate, and interact with it just as cryptically as the original[2]. Examining all of it’s properties, from the mythos of Venus herself, to the commissioning of the painting and social context in which it was created, Memmott recontextualizes the work into an interactive experience in which the participant can’t help but feel challenged to interact, explore, and understand.





http://www.uiowa.edu/~iwp/newmedia/gallery/talan_memmott.html [picture]


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