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The Islamic Project

Islamic project started on 1996 as an installation and performance with interactive communication with public: purchasing souvenirs, filling questionnaire concerning their opinions about Future. It works as a kind of social psychoanalysis – visualization of fears of Western society about Islam.‘ [1]

The Islam Project had a duration from 1996 until 2003 during which many artworks have been created. More details on these can be found at http://www.aes-group.org/ip3.asp.

Islam Project: Bedouin Oasis 

[2] The Islam Project: Beduin Oase

The Islam Project: New Liberty 

[3] The Islam Project: New Liberty


[1] http://www.aes-group.org/ip3.asp

[2] The Islam Project: Beduin Oase http://www.claireoliver.com/catalogimages/128_2822.jpg

[3] The Islam Project: New Liberty http://aes-group.org/img/ip/12b.jpg

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