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Yoichiro Kawaguchi: Gemotion Projects

Gemotion:Hannnya Interactive

Yoichiro Kawaguchi uses human interaction to create visual response generated computer programs. Kawaguchi is particularly interested in what is known as the “growth model,” which he describes as being a “self-organizing method to give form to one’s rich imagination or to develop one’s own formative algorithm of complex life form.” The “Growth Model” incorporates a recursive structure, repetition of many simple rules within a complex environment. Beginning with an initial shape, the computer repeats a similar pattern to continuously change and mutate a visual projection. 

Once this program has been completed, an additional idea was attached to some of Kawaguchi’s presentations. The idea of human interaction with this seeming computer entity. Many of his more well known and Gemotion presentations involve a dancer in front of a large projector. 

His Gemotion peices can be described as a series of projects which aim to create an emotional world where humans and CG imagery react in real time.

Kawaguchi explains that Gemotion is “growing, evolving, and hereditary emotional art.”

Gemotion:Ocean Interactive




The peice below is a little different. Rather than reacting/coinciding with a dance, these “bumpy screens,” react to the touch of people’s hands. If pressed hard then a violent push ensues, if pushed lightly than a peacefu push responds. 

Gemotion Bumpy Screen

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