Glimpses of the USA

Charles and Ray Eames’ “famous film installation for the American National Exhibition in Moscow in 1959” was, according to curator David Crowley, “part of a major propaganda exercise designed to inject the elixir of consumerism into the heart of the Soviet empire. This seven-screen presentation, entitled Glimpses of the USA, commissioned by the US Department […]

Imaginary Landscape No. 4

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Imaginary Landscape No. 4 is a musical composition created by John Cage.

Light Space Modulator

[video src=] ‘Electrical motors in Moholy Nagy’s Light Space Modulator, set the shiny steel sculpture in motion while electrical illumination in the gallery reflected light off it and into its surroundings.  Light Prop for an Electric Stage, as the artist refered to it, not only pushes the temporal dimension of art but expands its spa

Conversion of St. Paul

The Conversion of St. Paul. 1600-1601.  [2] “Caravaggio’s technique, a high-contrast form of chiaroscuro known as tenebroso, achieves effects that bear an uncanny resemblance to Edgerton’s high-speed flash photography,” such as Milk Drop Coronet (1936) [1] “In 1600, soon after he had completed the first two canvases for the Contarelli Chapel, Caravaggio signed a […]

Modern Times

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Milk Drop Coronet

What the scientist knows as Surface Tension is a sculptor in liquids, and fashions from them delicate shapes none the less beautiful because they are too ephemeral for any eye but that of the high-speed camera.

In the 1930s, Harold ‘Doc’ Edgerton synchronized a camera’s shutter with a  high-intensity electronic flash unit, which enabled significantly faster shutter speeds as in Milk Drop Coronet (BW, 1936, color image left, 1957.

Cinechromatic Art Machine

The first Cinechromatic Art Machine was presented in the First International Biennial in Sao Paulo, Brazil -1951.

Early video games

Tennis for Two, which you’ll see in this contribution, is considered as the first video game (not computer game!) ever.


The work was created between 1950 and 1957 on 16 mm colour film. Dr.

Opus 161

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